3 Tips to Make Your Family Photoshoot a Breeze

Here's what we learned after working with over 100 families.

So you've decided to create lifelong memories...

By booking an exciting photoshoot with your family! You'll look at these photos years from now and feel the joy you felt together, smiling with those you love most.

As your photographer, our job is to show your unique family dynamic and the love you all share, while also making your family as comfortable as possible in front of our lens.

So - here are 3 tips to make your family photoshoot a breeze!

Kids will be kids - have zero expectations!

Just let your kids have fun! We always remind our families that movement is key. We want to see them running around, playing, and smiling. Creating memories in the moment is much better than stressing over the "perfect picture."

Some ideas to lighten the mood:

  • Tag
  • Hand games (ex. Patty Cake)
  • Kiss attacks & Bear Hugs
  • Racing to the Parents
  • Bring Snacks & Favorite Toys!

Embrace the moment!

We can't stress enough that your photo shoot will be as beautiful as your family is when you allow authenticity! We want you to enjoy laughing, playing, and being silly.

Don't worry about trying to be the perfect family (there's no such thing). We will capture every beautiful moment, even if that means going above and beyond :)

Share your vision with us!

We need to remember that as your photographers, we're here to create the vision YOU have in mind. So tell us what you're thinking! We will do ALL we can to make your dream come to life.

This session is about you and your family, and we want to create an environment where you and your whole family can be your true selves.

If you're ready to book your family session with us, fill out the form below! Let's have fun!

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