Myths about Eloping

You're newly engaged - CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you've taken time to enjoy that new bling on your finger and wrapping your head around marrying your best friend, it's time to start thinking and planning what your wedding day looks like. You may have heard that eloping is meant for secrecy, low budgets, quick and easy, little to no planning, super spontaneous, etc. Well, hear us out on our view about eloping!

Our definition of an elopement is, an intimate wedding experience where the focus is solely on the couple, somewhere they feel at home & celebrated. An elopement is NOT about your guests' experience, but rather, an experience based on the couple's interests. Don't want to stress over planning the guest list? Keep it simple with either your immediate family or just keep it as you, your partner, your photographer(s), and maybe an officiant. Can't decide on a venue or location? Your elopement can literally take place anywhere! Perhaps it's one of your bucket list locations (if you have one), your home, a sentimental location (perhaps the place you had your first date, or first said "i love you"), the beach, doing an activity you love, etc. We're here to tell you the list is LIMITLESS!

To put in perspective, Markus and I eloped. We woke up one day and decided we wanted to get married. So fast forward to us scheduling a date at our local courthouse - we went in clothes that we normally wear so we wouldn't make any of our family suspicious, and we got married. To us, we just wanted to have an intimate moment where we said our vow, with no guest list, fancy clothes, or planning.

A few of the top elopement locations are: Washington D.C., Tennessee, Michigan, Arizona, Utah, Georgia, Texas, and Colorado. Your elopement can be 4 hours, all day, or even all weekend! We'd like to inform you that we offer different options for elopements. We believe that your special moment is whatever and however you want it to be! We'd love to capture your elopement and help you plan everything, because we're more than just your photographers!!! If you're ready and sound like eloping is your jam, reach out so we can have a great time celebrating your love!

xoxo Dejia and Markus

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