National Gallery of Art Elopements!

Thinking about eloping at the National Gallery of Art? Here are three simple tips to help you plan a perfect and easy ceremony surrounded by amazing art. Let's make it unforgettable!

  1. Get the OK First: Before you start planning, reach out to the National Gallery of Art to make sure you’ve got the green light for your elopement. This way, you’ll know what’s allowed and what’s not, avoiding any last-minute hiccups or events that may be happening during the same time. The most recent time we were there, the Sculpture Garden was closed for a concert
  2. Time the Crowds!: The gallery can get pretty packed, especially on weekends. Aim for a weekday or early in the morning when it’s quieter - we always aim for 10:00am. You’ll have more space to yourselves and way better photo ops without a crowd in the background.
  3. Find Your Sweet Spot: Take a stroll through the gallery ahead of time and scout out your favorite spots. Whether it’s the grand Rotunda or the peaceful Sculpture Garden, picking your perfect locations will make your day flow smoothly and look amazing in photos.

Washington DC elopement photographer

Need more advice?

We were recently featured alongside a few other photographers in an article by the National Gallery of Art! Check out the advice we gave here: Pro Tips for Taking Romantic Photos in Our Gallery

couple eloping at the National Gallery of Art
Washington DC Elopement